5 Ways to use Thrive Life Freeze-dried Strawberries

Thrive Life strawberries are just the best. They are vine-ripened, which means they taste as delicious as the ones we can pick ourselves for just a few weeks in Spring. They are freeze-dried, which preserves all the great nutrients they have to offer. They are shipped right to my door, which means I can just re-order them whenever I want, without another trip to the store. And they’re one of the cheapest fruit options, so I try to keep these around at all times, along with either some mangoes or raspberries, which are our other current favorites.

Here are 5 ways to use Thrive Life strawberries:

Snack Straight Out of the Can

I left this can out on the table after breakfast the other day, and found my daughter snacking on them later in the morning. My son likes them if we call them “strawberry chips.” I eat them straight from the can, or sometimes dunk them in water to restore their softness.

Stir into Cereal

Generally, if you buy a box of cereal with “added fruit,” you’re lucky to see 1 or 2 little bits in your bowl. With Thrive Life berries, I throw in a good-sized handful and actually get a serving of fruit with breakfast. Yum! I also like to add strawberries and yogurt bites to oatmeal; it’s super delicious.

Mix Up Your Muffins

I don’t know about you, but I love muffins! It’s nice to mix it up sometimes, so I created this recipe for gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate-covered strawberry muffins. My husband was super impressed, which doesn’t happen often. A great way to sneak in more strawberries!

Smooth out a Smoothie

My favorite way to whip out a smoothie is to use a simple ratio: 1 cup of juice to 1 cup of fruit, plus either some yogurt or a banana. Sometimes, instead of the yogurt or banana, I throw in some freeze-dried berries, which serve the same purpose as the banana or yogurt: to make the texture a little more smooth.

Complete a Berry Compote

Did I mention I just love berries? I used to boil down frozen berries for our Sunday morning waffles, but it often took about 20 minutes, and I had to add extra sugar for sweetness. Then, when I started using freeze-dried berries, I came up with this 30-second berry compote in the microwave. I used it a ton while visiting my parents last summer, and this is what converted my dad to Thrive Life.

Bonus Idea: Frosting!

I know the picture says “5 ways to use strawberries,” but I just had to include this one for you too. Check out this AMAZING, dye-free strawberry frosting from my friend Ashton over at Keat’s Eats.

Strawberry Picking From Home

I hope you’ve had the pleasure of going strawberry picking for yourself, or even of growing your own strawberries. Thrive Life offers the same fresh taste and nutritional punch as a trip to the fields, with the convenience of shopping from your computer, tablet, or phone. If you’re ready to try some Thrive Life berries today, you can find them on my consultant website:

For more information on Thrive Life, check out my Thrive Life 101 page, or e-mail me with any questions. Thanks, and Happy Thriving!

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