5 Secrets to Savings at Thrive Life (Without Coupons)

When my husband was in graduate school, I ran a home daycare and became an avid couponer. To this day, I have what I call “couponing instincts,” and I try to stock up, look for the best deals, and never buy anything at retail price.

Whether or not you have your own “couponing instincts,” everyone loves a great deal! Especially on something we ALL have to make room for in our budgets: groceries! One thing I love about Thrive Life is that you don’t need to clip coupons, study sales cycles, or stress about every penny. There are plenty of simple ways to save. Here are 5 secrets to savings with Thrive Life: no coupons required.

  1. Support a Consultant. If you were to type “Thrive Life” into google, you could find the corporate website, where everything is full retail price. However, if you order through a consultant (whether that’s by paper order form, a phone call, or on a consultant website), you will get party pricing right off the bat! Consultants are able to offer party pricing on ALL of our products, which is usually around 10% off retail! Not a bad way to start off your savings. You can find my consultant website here for party pricing today.2. Shop the sales. Take advantage of the monthly specials and semi-annual sales. Every month, Thrive Life has around 10 products on sale, which you can get reminders about by signing up for my e-mail list below. This is a great place to start experimenting with Thrive Life foods; try out what’s on special! And watch out for our semi-annual sales; they’re incredible, and they’re my favorite time to stock up and to share Thrive Life. 3. Buy in bundles. Bulk shopping is not exactly a secret way of saving money, but there ARE a few secret bundles from Thrive Life. First off, buying in buckets (for things like grain) or #10 cans (instead of pantry cans) will save you money because the larger sizes are cheaper per serving. Plus, Thrive Life has a variety of specialty packages that are ONLY available through consultants. These include meat variety packs, fruit variety packs, vegetable packs, and even a yogurt pack. They each contain six #10 cans, with a substantial savings. Consider purchasing a pack and splitting the savings between friends. You can read the full details on the packages here, and shoot me an e-mail if you’d like to order. 4. Join the Q Club. If you’re going to be shopping at Thrive Life, you should start a Q. Inside the Q, you can organize your orders and set up 1-3 shipments at a time. In addition, if you join the Q club, you’ll earn 3% rewards points on your purchases, and you’ll have access to the monthly Qpon. The Qpon is a deeply discounted item, usually between 30-35% off! To join the Q club for free, take advantage of the Q Club promotion by starting a Q of $100 or more. For full details, check out this post.5. Take advantage of special promotions. Every few months, we have special promotions from corporate. Some promotions require that you host a party and hit a specific sales goal (like the image below). Other promotions require that you purchase by a certain deadline (like a lot of recent free shipping deals). Of course, the BEST way to take advantage of all of these promotions is to become a consultant, and earn food and commission as you use Thrive Life and share it with family and friends.
*Note: This is not a current promotion, just an example.

There are many ways to save at Thrive Life. Whether you simply want party pricing or you’re ready to join as a consultant yourself, you can start saving today by visiting my consultant website:

If you would like to be notified of our current promotions, please sign up for my monthly specials e-mail list below.

If you’re thinking about starting a Q, hosting a party, or becoming a consultant, please let me know and we can set up a time to chat. Thanks, and Happy Thriving!


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