The Minimalist Diet Diaries, Day 17: Contentment

Minimalist diet diaries, day 17:

Minimalism is about a lot more than getting rid of stuff.

It’s about opening up space in our lives for us to fill with what we really want to be there.

It’s about being more open and honest about what we need, what we want, and what we can let go of.

It’s about clearing out our thoughts, letting go of attitudes and habits that don’t serve us well. It’s about relying on The Lord (or whatever power you believe in) to fill our lives with goodness, and focusing on that goodness and strength instead of our weaknesses.

In just one word? It’s about contentment.

And one of the biggest reasons I’ve chosen to dedicate this month to minimalism in my diet is specifically because I want to be more content with the food I eat, the food I have in my home, and the food I feed my family.

You see, I’m content without many possessions. I’m content with a small income (most of the time). I’m feeling pretty content with how I spend my time. And without going into detail, the last few months have helped me become incredibly content with my family.

What I can’t seem to find contentment in is my diet. My thoughts when I go to meal plan seem to closely echo the thoughts I used to have when I was just trying to get through each day:

-Am I making good enough choices?

-I don’t have enough time/money/energy to do what I really want, so I’ll just have to settle

-I don’t know enough/don’t have the experience to provide well for my family

-Why can’t I be more like my friend who has this all figured out, and doesn’t stress so much about it?

-Am I just bring ridiculous to try and help other people when I can’t even get it right myself?

I know these thought processes aren’t serving me well, but I haven’t been able to let them go. Not really. Not fully. Not until today.

Today I took my foods out of my pantry and laid them out in a more open space to see what I had to work with for the coming week.

When I just look in the pantry, it doesn’t seem like there’s much there. I hate it, but I just think to myself “we have nothing to eat!”

But today, for my minimalism exercise, I decided to try and be more content with what I have.

And as I looked at all these foods and also did a quick survey of my refrigerator and freezer, I realized I have MUCH more than I thought.

Without trying too hard, spending hours scouring cookbooks and Pinterest, or just ignoring it and hoping for the best, I quickly started writing down ideas of what I can make with what I have.

And just like that, I had 14 lunches and dinners.

Since I don’t really plan breakfasts (it’s just cereal or eggs and a smoothie around here on most days, and waffles on Sundays), 14 meals is enough for the next week.

It is enough.

I can be content. Because what I have is enough.

Which is actually pretty amazing, because I just had to buy a new vehicle yesterday, and I really needed to be able to reduce my food budget, and this will really help.

It turns out, contentment in any area of our life leads to a positive ripple effect.

So I am thankful for minimalism today, and for trusting that what I have is enough.

One thought on “The Minimalist Diet Diaries, Day 17: Contentment

  • March 18, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    Grocery shopping and menu planning can be very overwhelming. What usually works for me is similar to what you did. I make a list of all the dinners we have stuff for, or that I’m about to buy the stuff for, so that we have a very quick list of choices on the fridge.


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