The Minimalist Diet Diaries, Days 14-16

Minimalist diet diaries, day 14:
I spent 15 minutes clearing out my “tested and approved recipes” board on Pinterest. It felt really good to let go of nearly 50 recipes, especially since I went through the physical ones a few days ago, so I know which ones I already have written down. I also had to let go of a few new dairy recipes that I just won’t be making since M’s had to go dairy free, at least not often enough to keep around. I feel like I can always search on Pinterest again of there’s something I want to try, but I want to glance at a recipe first.

Also, I’m starting to wonder if my oldest son is having dairy issues. I don’t discuss digestive health online, but I’ll keep monitoring and see what helps and what doesn’t.

I’m still pretty gung-ho about real feed, regular meal times, and trying new things. And I feel like things are easier with fewer recipes floating around. I’m glad I get to start a new task soon though; 1 week is long enough to spend on any one of these little projects.

Days 15 & 16: We literally “ran our car into the ground” (it started making a horrible noise, then completely died and stopped working), and it needed a whole new engine, which would have cost more than twice what the car was worth. So we spent these days researching, looking at, and purchasing a new (to us) vehicle so we could have some reliable transportation for our family. The minimalist diet diaries was set on the back-burner.

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