Rogan Josh Curry and Brown Rice

I feel a little silly even calling this a recipe, since it’s more of a formula than a recipe. Since my husband is lactose intolerant and works a lot of nights and weekends, I’m always looking for quick and easy meals that I can make and pack for him. Before he cut out dairy, he loved the Bird’s Eye Voila! meals, but sadly, even most of their Asian meals have dairy on their ingredient lists, so I’ve taken to making my own. Here’s what you’ll need: some Thrive Life freeze-dried chicken, Thrive Life brown rice, a simmer sauce of your choice (make sure to check ingredients if you’re worried about allergies), and a bag of your favorite frozen stir-fry vegetable blend.

And here’s how quick and easy this is. I often walk away once I get this started, because it’s a throw and go kind of meal.

First, start your rice cooking, according to package directions. The Thrive Life brown rice only takes 8 minutes to boil, and I really like the taste and texture:

Next, heat up a small sauce pan to medium-high heat and add a touch of oil (optional). When it’s heated, add the bag of frozen stir-fry vegetables, and steam, covered, for about 8 minutes:


Once those veggies are in the pan, refresh your freeze-dried chicken. I used chopped chicken here (literally 1 ingredient: chicken), and I just refreshed 1 cup, with 1/2 cup water. You can use more or less, to taste:

When the vegetables are done and the rice has been pulled off the stove, add the chicken and simmer sauce into the pan:

Give it all a good stir and let it simmer for another 3-5 minutes.

Serve immediately, or divide into 2-4 lunch containers (my husband eats big meals; some of my friends don’t eat much. You decide your portions).

*To learn more about Thrive Life foods, check out my Thrive Life 101 page, or shop on my consultant website. Thanks, and Happy Thriving!



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