Meals in a Jar vs Freezer Cooking

Most of us are familiar with freezer cooking. Whether you double one dinner at a time or devote an entire day to once-a-month-cooking, the idea is that preparing freezer meals in advance allows you to have meals on hand that require little to no prep work when dinner time inevitably rolls around.

I like to think of meals in a jar as a kind of quirky cousin to freezer cooking. It has a lot of the same benefits, but requires a slightly different approach and decidedly different ingredients (like freeze-dried meat and powdered sauces). And while meals in a jar HAVE actually been around for a long time, they tend to be less well known, and associated more with emergency preparedness than with everyday cooking.

To help you see the similarities and difference quickly, I’ve created this handy Venn diagram for you:

Both kinds of cooking can help mothers feed their families real, consistent meals, which I am ALL about. I’ll be getting into more particulars about each kind of batch cooking in future posts, including how I’ve organized freezer meal swaps and meals in a jar nights with friends.

Here’s what a meal in a jar cooks like, assembled and then cooked:

If you’re interested in learning more about meals in a jar, you can watch me make one on this episode of Thrive Life in Real Life. If you have any questions about either kind of cooking, please let me know; I’d love to hear from you. Thanks, and Happy Thriving!

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