The Minimalist Diet Diaries, Day 7

Week 2: Recipes

Day 7: De-cluttering physical recipes

I could technically still be in week 1 until tomorrow, but I got started on Week 2 a day early, because it’s easier for me. And because I really felt like the more food philosophies I sorted through, the more I just wanted to stick with a few simple rules, and not make it too complicated.

At any rate, I spent roughly an hour today combing through recipes that I’m written on scraps of paper or printed out over the last…few years? But I’ve never found a true home for them.

I know that pile on the right doesn’t look like much, but it feels SO GOOD to eliminate so many recipes in 1 go! Plus, that stir fry cook book on top has several recipes that list MSG as an ingredient! Yeah, that’s not going to fly with real food rules.

I still have the rest of the white binder to go through tomorrow, and the rest of the week I’ll get through my other cookbooks and Pinterest boards.

I’m excited to have a much more manageable stack of recipes to work with after this week. Maybe then I won’t hate menu planning so much, because it won’t be so overwhelming.


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