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Food Storage Objections

I grew up with the idea that it was important for every family to store food in cases of emergency. And while I understood the premise and agreed it would be a good idea, I had a few major problems every time I tried to build up my own food storage.

The first major obstacle was that I had a lot of bad experiences with nasty looking, nasty tasting food in #10 cans, so I developed a distaste for most things labeled food storage.

The next obstacle was that even if I bought some extra food every week to try and build up slowly, we just ate more food that week or I would cook for other friends. I just could never figure out how to really have food left at the end of the month.

And my last major obstacle was that I never felt like we had extra money to build up food storage. I always felt like it had to be a choice between staying out of debt and living frugally, or spending a ton of money to try and prepare for an emergency in the distant future.

If you are anything like me and have faced similar obstacles to building food storage, please read on to see my top 5 ways that Thrive Life overcame my food storage objections.

1. Thrive Life foods Taste Good!

Thrive Life foods TASTE GOOD! So good. The strawberries are delicious, the corn is crunchy and sweet, the yogurt bites melt in your mouth. This stuff is amazing. No more overly-salty, unidentifiable food-like products for food storage.

Thrive Life foods are SO DIFFERENT! When I first tasted them at a home party, I was super surprised. My 3-year-old son gobbled down all the samples and asked for more. The consultant made taco meat and I actually LIKED it. And since having these foods in my own home, I have converted several skeptics, especially my husband.

Thrive Life foods look and taste delicious. You can see that from these pictures I took, straight from my own pantry.


2. Thrive Life foods are Fresher than Fresh

Thrive Life chooses to work with vine-ripened produce and other high quality products. Because of the chemical-free process of freeze-drying, these foods retain more nutrition than what you can find at your local grocery store, and they taste just like the farm-fresh foods that they are. I fell in love with this flier when I first saw it, because it satisfied the food-nerd in me. For more specifics, read this article about how Thrive Life foods are fresher than fresh.

3. Thrive Life foods are shelf-stable

Most freeze-dried products from Thrive Life are good for up to 25 years, using proper storage conditions. And most food are also good for up to a year once the cans are opened. In more humid climates, you will want to store some things in a refrigerator to extend their shelf-life and avoid clumping. This is SO COOL. I mean, I had heard of shelf-stable foods before, but I thought that it mostly meant wheat, oats, other grains, and maybe some powdered milk. At Thrive Life, I can buy shelf-stable chicken, cilantro, green chili peppers, raspberries, mangoes, kale, all kinds of stuff! I’m also in love with their tomato powder and peanut flour, and it’s SO NICE not to throw away food all the time any more. Now THIS is the kind of things I want in my food storage. And because the foods don’t go bad quickly, they are actually accumulating instead of spoiling. I love that I have ingredients to plan the next week’s meals with, consistently.

4. Thrive Life has a monthly Q 

When I went to a Thrive life home party, I had indeed heard about the Q before. I read about it on a preparedness blog I love, but I thought it was only for people who were really gung-ho about preparedness. I didn’t have room in my budget for “extra” food; I struggled just to keep my growing family satisfied in general. But then at the home party, I fell in love with the idea. I knew that this was the kind of food I had been looking for in my everyday cooking, and that the faster I started buying it, the faster I would learn how to use it and be able to decide what to store for long-term. I’m so glad I joined the Q then, and that I could use some of my regular grocery money for it, since it IS buying groceries if I open the cans. You can read up on the Q in my Ultimate Guide to the Thrive Life Q.

5. Thrive Life helps me EARN my food storage

Since one of my main objections had been the finances of food storage, I was super excited to learn that I could earn free and half-off products as a hostess, and additional rewards and commission as a consultant. It just made a ton of sense to me to join right away as a consultant. I had already been looking for foods with this flavor, nutrition, and convenience. I knew I would always spend money on food every month, so I might as well join the Q and enjoy groceries delivered to my door. And I knew I could afford more food more quickly if I worked as a consultant and shared with family and friends. I’m happy to say that being a consultant has been great blessing for me, and that anyone can do this. It’s like being paid to go grocery shopping with friends, only you don’t even have to leave the house. Learn more here if you’re interested in becoming a consultant.

Food Storage Convert

I used to have some pretty major objections to building up food storage. But once I found Thrive Life, my objections all seemed to melt away at once. Now I call myself a “food storage convert.” I’m building up a real food kitchen, falling in love with freeze-dried, and building a business with online groceries.

How about you? Do you have any food storage objections? Do you think Thrive Life foods could help you overcome them? Leave a comment below to tell me your main struggle with food storage.

Thanks, and Happy Thriving!

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