Everyday Cooking with Thrive Life

I love using Thrive Life freeze-dried groceries in my every day cooking. They help me save time, money, and energy in the kitchen. Plus, I’m adding natural nutrition to my family’s regular meals.

I like to tell people: “there IS a learning curve with these foods because it’s different than what you’re used to, but it’s not a steep learning curve. You really just have to try it a few times, and it will be easy in no time.”

For starters, these are 4 basic ways to start using your Thrive Life foods today.


If you are the kind of person that needs to follow a recipe to cook, then you would love our new meal kit, the Taste of Thrive Intro Pack! This box comes with 10 ingredients and 7 healthy recipe cards from our own Chef Todd. I bought this kit for my family and we loved eating everything in here!

Also, if you’re just getting started or need some quick ideas for how to use your Thrive Life foods, here are some of my favorite quick and easy recipes:

30-second Berry Compote

30-second pizza sauce

Magic Chicken Salad


If you’re ready to start using Thrive Life in your everyday cooking, click below to shop on my consultant website:

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Thriving!

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