Thrive Life in Real Life

Alrighty, folks. I bit the bullet and started a YouTube channel, so that I can really share Thrive Live online.

I’m feeling a deep sympathy for the Next Food Network Star contestants: filming a short cooking segment is no joke! And while I don’t *love* this episode, it IS my first try, so I’m giving myself some grace.

Please watch the video and leave a comment with what you’d like me to discuss or demonstrate in future episodes.¬†And if you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter, sign up below.

Thanks, and Happy Thriving!

One thought on “Thrive Life in Real Life

  • January 7, 2017 at 11:55 pm

    So proud of you, Jenni! I can vouch for how great this chicken salad is. I want some now! And guess what, I can go right into the kitchen and do that, cause I already have these products in my pantry. Thanks for teaching me about Thrive!


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