Thrive Life Food Hack: Spinach Shaker

Ever since I decided to take control of my own health, I really committed to adding a ton of produce to my diet. No matter what else the experts disagree on, they seem to all say that vegetables are good for us, in basically unlimited quantities, as long as they’re not deep-fried and smothered in cheese. So I’m always experimenting with ways to make it super convenient to add vegetables. And I have to tell you, having a spinach shaker around is my favorite new trick for an instant green boost!


I had this idea when my freeze-dried spinach came in my last Thrive Life shipment. I found these cute glass herb jars at Wal-Mart, quickly pulsed 1/2 cup spinach in my little Ninja, and voila! It filled this 4 oz jar perfectly, and I’ve been shaking spinach into my food all week long.

The spinach looks just like basil or parsley in a finished dish, so it was a no-brainer to add it to my 30-second pizza sauce for our Friday night pizza and movie night. I threw some into my Hawaiian haystack gravy, added a dash to my morning smoothie, and popped some extra color into my shepherd’s pie filling last night. In fact, it’s become a little game I play with myself to add spinach to just about everything. Plus, I’m telling you, I didn’t notice a difference in taste. And that’s a big deal!

Of course, I only add around 1 Tbsp to each dish; I’ll work my way up, but I’m super excited that the jar is nearly empty just a few days later. That’s certainly a lot of natural nutrition I wouldn’t be getting without this quick and easy spinach shaker.

How about you? What is one of your favorite ways to add instant, plant-based  nutrition into your diet?

Would you like to try making your own spinach shaker? You can order freeze-dried spinach from my consultant website, or always feel free to e-mail me with any questions. Thanks, and Happy Thriving!


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