5 Ways to Save Time with Thrive Life Groceries

5-ways-i-save-timeThrive Life foods offers some unique time-saving options that I want to share with you today. Here are 5 ways I save time with Thrive Life groceries.

1. Save time shopping: I shop online, with a combination of 1-time orders and Q-shipments, and have groceries shipped to my door. This saves me time because I can load my “grocery cart” without dragging kids to the store, and it’s super easy to unload cans that the UPS man drops off. What’s not to love?

2. Save time planning: Because I’m building a healthy home store, I spend a lot less time agonizing over menus each week than I did before I found Thrive Life.

3. Save time prepping: I used to be overwhelmed at the thought of all the meal prep required to feed a family real food consistently. Now I use my secret meal prep weapon and rely on pre-chopped, pre-cooked foods to eliminate time sucking meal prep tasks.

4. Save time cooking: I have a friend who jokes that the hardest part about cooking with Thrive is waiting for the water to boil! With freeze-dried foods, you can drastically reduce cooking times while still enjoying your favorite family recipes.

5. Save time doing dishes: I used to HATE doing dishes, ESPECIALLY after attempting any kind of massive cooking session. I still make dirty dishes, but not nearly as many, and most of my clean up involves putting lids back on cans and putting them back in my pantry. Awesome, right?

To learn more about Thrive Life, check out my Thrive Life 101 page, shop on my consultant website, or contact me. Thanks, and Happy Thriving!


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