Unconventional Fast Food

Let me just start by saying that I grew up eating fast food regularly, and I still have my favorites. In fact, I’m currently obsessed with the Chick-fil-a southwest salad with lime avocado ranch. SO GOOD.

So. This post will not be about the pros and cons of eating out. We are all adults here, and I trust you to make your own choices about where to eat.

Today, I simply want to introduce you to some Unconventional Fast Food options. Let’s start with some of my favorites, shall we? Snackies, Thrive Express meals, and Meals in a Jar.


Thrive Life Snackies are great to have in your purse instead of (or in addition to) half-eaten granola bars and leftover dum-dums from the bank or library. There are a lot of single-ingredient options, like mangoes, seedless grapes, and pineapple. There are also things like yogurt bites, coconut bites, and freeze-dried fruit leathers.


I just had a friend over the other day who tried some of my very berry parfait and said “hey, this would be great to have in the car instead of running through the drive-through!”

Right on, sister. You read my mind.

Thrive Express Meals

I have more than one personal story about Thrive Express meals saving my bacon when I normally would have run out for fast food. Like the time when we were out of groceries and I needed to eat lunch instead of shopping on an empty stomach. Or the time I visited my brother in Boston and we all came back from a long day of touring, almost too exhausted to cook. But instead of ordering pizza, I made some Chili Lime Chicken Rice and some Creamy Beef and Noodles. Sounds fancy, right? But all I did was boil water and wait for the Express meal to cook.

Thrive Express meals are just great to have on hand. This is a picture from when my friend Francesca was moving and just needed some real food for dinner, so she asked her husband to cook a Thrive Express meal:


A Thrive Express meal is a great alternative to a fast food run because it’s REAL food. Plus, Thrive Express meals come fully equipped with proteins, vegetables, and starches. It’s not just pasta or rice, it’s a full meal. And they are delicious, nutritious, and convenient, which is what we’re all looking for in fast food. There are 8 great varieties to choose from.


Meals in a Jar

Last but not least, meals in a jar are a fantastic alternative to a drive-through run. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, it’s basically a freeze-dried alternative to freeze cooking. You pre-mix all the ingredients you need for a meal, and then when you’re ready to eat, you just boil water, add the container, and voila! You’re ready to eat.

Personally, I really appreciate that I can control the ingredients here: my husband is sensitive to dairy, eggs, and dill, so he can’t have most of the Thrive Express meals. Also, meals in a jar open up a lot more menu choices than the 8 varieties of Express meals. The picture below shows a pint sized zuppa toscana and lasagna skillet.


I haven’t written a separate post on meals in a jar yet, but there are recipes online and I will posting more on this topic in the future.

Ready to Try Some Unconventional Fast Food?

To order some of these options today and to learn more about Thrive Life foods, check out my Thrive Life 101 page, visit my consultant website, or contact me. Thanks, and Happy Thriving!




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