Talking to Myself: Will You Answer?

If you ask my husband how we met, you will most likely hear this response: “We met because she talked to herself and I answered.”

You see, we sat by each other in a college New Testament class, and I would make comments under my breath, just loud enough for the people around me to hear, but not loud enough for our professor to actually stop and respond. It was just kind of something I did, and also a way to make friends, because I was too shy to strike up random conversations.

The first thing I remember my husband ever asking me was this: “Are you talking to yourself, or do you want someone to answer?”

I told him I was fine either way, but I was actually really glad that he wanted to start a conversation. Well, obviously those conversations led to a friendship and a romance, and now here we are today, happily married and still talking.

The point of this little story is pretty simple. In the blogging world, especially as I start out, I realize that I will often feel like I am talking to myself. I will probably feel like I am talking under my breath, not loud enough for anyone to really hear me. And that’s the reality of starting out here: there are already so many voices that it is easy to be drowned out and to feel like no one else cares what I say or do.

Yet, as I find my own voice in this cacophony of opinions, I hold out hope that there are others around me who will really hear what I’m saying. I hold out hope that one of you will have the courage to ask me: “Are you just talking to yourself, or do you want someone to answer you?”.

Because I know from personal experience that great things can come from starting a simple conversation.

So if something on this blog sparks your interest, would you answer me while I talk to myself? Would you please e-mail me ? I would love to meet you!

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