You Might Make a Good Thrive Life Consultant If…

You might make a good Thrive Life consultant if….

-You want this amazing food in your house and you’re already on the Q, or you’re about to sign up

-You do at least most of the grocery shopping for your family

-You’re in charge of deciding what your family eats

-You already talk to your friends about food, especially that age old question: what’s for dinner?

-You are on social media at least several times a week

-You enjoy sharing products that you love you in your home

-You like shopping online

-You want to earn free and half-off food, and money, from home

It’s Not Complicated

It’s easy to fall in love with Thrive Life. It’s easy to earn free and half-off groceries with Thrive life. And it’s easy to be a Thrive Life consultant.

To become a consultant, you simply buy a kit of your choice, set up a $50Q, and off you go! I personally recommend spending the extra $10 a month on a website, but that is technically optional.

There are no minimums or quotas to meet. The more you buy, and the more your friends buy, the more you earn. There is a ton of support and training available, whether you just want to cover the cost of your monthly Q, earn some extra spending cash each month, or even start a full-fledged home business.

My Consultant Story

When I first found Thrive Life foods in September 2015, it just made a ton of sense to me to join right away as a consultant. I had already been looking for foods with this flavor, nutrition, and convenience. I knew I would always spend money on food every month, so I might as well be rewarded for spending at least $50 at Thrive Life. And I knew I could afford more food more quickly if I worked as a consultant and shared with family and friends.

Even with an initial reluctance to promote anything due to some negative past experiences with direct sales, I earned hundreds of dollars of free food in my first few months with hostess benefits and fast track awards. I was able to help pay for more Christmas presents my first year, which always feels nice on a super tight budget. Then, I decided to mostly just take orders from family and friends to cover the cost of my Q while we moved around a few times. Now, I’m ready to work my business regularly and earn an income from home.

At each “level” of my Thrive Life journey, I have received great support and encouragement to reach whatever goals I set for myself. Thrive Life has provided the tools and the commission plan to help me along the way.

Learn More Today

If you would like to learn more, please contact me. I would love to teach you more and to have you on my team.  Welcome to the Thrive Life!




One thought on “You Might Make a Good Thrive Life Consultant If…

  • September 21, 2016 at 5:32 am

    One of the best things about this company’s commission structure is the residual income opportunity. Get paid month after month for bringing on new customers who will continue to shop for their groceries online just as they would at their local store. Awesome.


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