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In addition to a more “traditional” home tasting, Thrive Life recently introduced a new program called Party Connect. Party Connect makes it super easy to share Thrive online and earn rewards as a hostess.

With Party Connect in place, a host or hostess can work with a consultant to plan a Thrive Life event. This can range from having a few girls over for a girl’s night to gathering a large group for a class on, say, cooking with freeze-dried food or storing healthy foods for emergencies. Thrive Life products appeal to a wide range of people, and with some intentional hosting and a plan in place, a Thrive Life event can be fun and fulfilling for anyone.

Party Connect also provides a ton of opportunities to share and promote your event during the 3 phases: pre-party, party, and after party. There are links and graphics to share through e-mail and Facebook, and your consultant can help you with paper invitations and tips on calling people and gathering RSVPs. During the pre-party phase, your party link will basically have a “coming soon” page that gets people excited about your event. At the scheduled time of your event your link will open and people can begin shopping for their favorite Thrive Life products. After your party opens, your friends and family have 7 days to continue placing orders through your link before it closes. All the orders made through your live link are automatically tied to your party, meaning you will receive hostess credit for them. ┬áHere are the benefits:


Just like a Thrive Life home tasting, a Thrive Life online event can be incredibly successful or basically pointless. If you just sign up to host and send out a few random links to a mass e-mail list, no one’s going to respond. And while you can earn benefits on your own purchases, the point of a party is to share Thrive and bring in new customers, so you’ll need an order outside of your own to qualify for hostess benefits. Similarly, while you can earn $100 in half-off for having friends book a party, you can’t just pretend there’s another party-that hostess will have to have an order from her own party before your 1/2 off booking credit is unlocked. Thrive Life is very generous with their hostess benefits, but they need something in return. Mostly, your enthusiasm and love for Thrive Life, which is always contagious!

So, just a quick recap. An online party is a great way to earn free and half-off groceries. Working with a consultant to learn how to host effectively will greatly increase your chances of earning a substantial amount of benefits. My parties so far are typically around $40-70 dollars of free food and $100-200 of half-off food. It’s really fun when my hostesses get a shopping spree and can get everything on their list for a fraction of the retail price.

To learn more about Thrive Life foods, check out my Thrive Life 101 page, visit my consultant website, or contact me. Thanks, and Happy Thriving!


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  • September 20, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    It’s all true. I did a lunch party at Jenni’s house because mine is under construction. We had so much fun, we made up several meals in a jar, and I got so much food at a huge discount! Plus she’s a lot of fun!


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