Earn Rewards Points as a Q Club Member


There are several ways to earn free groceries with Thrive Life. The most hand-off method is by earning Q points as a member of the Q club.

Thrive Life’s Q Club membership has several perks. Q club members receive access to a monthly Q-pon, which means that every month you can stock up on 1 deeply discounted item. Q club members are also enrolled in a 3% rewards program where you earn Q club points that accumulate for free products. In other words, for every dollar you spend in your Q, you earn 3% back. You can redeem these points at any time on a separate order, and they do not expire as long as it has not been over 6 months since your last Q shipment.

There are 2 ways to join the Q club:

  1. Take advantage of the Q Club Promotion. For anyone who begins a Q with a budget of $100 or more, you are automatically enrolled in the Q club. This promotion also applies to any consultants; buying a consultant kit and starting a Q of $50 or more qualifies you for automatic enrollment for the Q Club.
  2. If you do not take advantage of the Q club promotion, there is a 1-time fee of $79.99 to join the Q club (meaning there is no annual renewal fee). Once you’re in the Q club, you’re in for life.

For more information on the Q, check out why I love it here.

If you’re looking for ways to earn even more groceries even more quickly, try hosting an online party or consider becoming a consultant.

For more information on Thrive Life foods, check out my Thrive Life 101 page, visit my consultant website or contact me. Thanks, and Happy Thriving!






One thought on “Earn Rewards Points as a Q Club Member

  • September 20, 2016 at 2:28 pm

    Wish I’d had this when my kids were growing up! I joined jenni’s Q and had so much fun building a pantry. I hate to cook and hate to shop (I love to read and dance and play). But I still have to feed my husband! Jenni has helped me put together meals in jars (or baggies) and I can have a full, nutritious meal in the table in no time, with no trip to the store. Recently my parents came to visit, and I made mu shu beef and chicken in 20 minutes. They couldn’t believe it all came out of cans! I let them watch, and I think it’s the best meal I ever made!


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