Thrive Life Freeze-dried Meal Kits

I’m sure I’m not the only who has been intrigued by the idea of Blue Apron boxes and similar companies: they deliver ingredients and recipes to your door, and all you have to do is follow directions and cook them for dinner.

Today, I want to introduce you to a new kind of meal kit: a Thrive Life freeze-dried meal kit. Thrive Life is my favorite online grocery store, and I’m SO excited that they’ve started coming out with these kits!

Right now you can choose between the Taste of Thrive Intro Pack , the Home Cookin’ Ground Beef Pack, or the Pulled Pork Creations pack. These kits offer fresher than fresh ingredients, clean, simple good, and groceries to your door. And there are more on the way!

Fresher than Fresh Ingredients

Thrive Life offers vine-ripened ingredients with a twist. Thrive Life’s foods are picked in season and immediately flash frozen to preserve the nutrients and flavor. These beautiful, fresh foods are then freeze-dried and canned, and they come to your door fresher than fresh.

Clean, Simple Food 

Thrive Life’s professional chef, Chef Todd Leonard, put together 7 great recipes for the Thrive Life Intro Pack. These come on durable, full-sized recipe cards with step-by-step photos. You can see the recipe cards in my unboxing video here.

Groceries to your door

Thrive Life foods are pre-cooked, pre-chopped, and pre-served (see what I did there?) and learning to refresh them is actually pretty fun. Thrive Life foods also help in reducing food waste by offering shelf-stable foods that will last up to 1 year once opened. So you have plenty of time to try these recipes, or you can make them all in a few days. Whatever works for you!

You can buy these kits individually, or use them to start a Thrive Life Q! With the Thrive Life Q, you can choose what groceries to have delivered to your door each month. It’s the best!

Just like other meal delivery services, these new Thrive Life meal kits have what you need to make fun, new recipes in no time! They offer fresher than fresh ingredients, clean, simple food, and groceries to your door. What more could you ask for?

Click the “Shop Thrive Life” button to order a meal kit today!

For more information, check out my Thrive Life 101 page, visit my consultant website, or contact me. Thanks, and Happy Thriving!







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