Fruit and Yogurt Bowl

I honestly can’t remember which child it was, but after one of my children was born I fell in love with the fruit and yogurt parfait at the hospital. It didn’t taste like, you know…hospital food. It was just layers of creamy yogurt, chunks of a fresh fruit medley, and crispy, crunchy granola.

Well, I still love all of those flavors together, but frankly I’m too lazy to get a nice glass out and layer things. So instead of a fruit and yogurt parfait, I end up with more a fruit and yogurt bowl:


Now, I usually use a recipe template and write out all the ingredients and directions for my recipe, to leave you with a nice, printable version. But really?  This is just 3 things: fruit, yogurt, and a crushed up nature valley bar.



I think the only thing that might need some explanation is how to refresh the freeze-dried fruit.  Well, that’s super simple. I just ran it under my sink to add enough water to cover the fruit, and poured off any extra.  Then I waited about a minute before I squeezed in the yogurt and added the “granola.”  I literally put a Nature Valley bar in a bag and bashed it with a spoon until it was crumbly.

This fruit and yogurt bowl is incredibly simple, delicious, and filling.  And while I used to only do this if I had a banana around, I can do it a lot more often now that I keep strawberries and mangoes in my home pantry.




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