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                                                  Out of Everything

I have a good friend named Abby who used to pick me up every other Friday morning for an all-day grocery shopping excursion. We lived about 45 minutes away from Aldi and Sharp Shopper, which were our “local” discount grocery stores. I always enjoyed these adventures, and I greatly admired her meal-planning capacity and her dedication to feeding her family.

Anyway. One day, Abby said: “I’m going to have to spend more money this time. You know when you’re just out of everything? We’re out of everything.”

And there I was, wishing I could say “No, Abby, I don’t know what that feels like. I have an amazing home store and I just need to grab the few things that are on my list this week.”

But instead, I was had to be honest, so I replied: “YES! Me too! We’re out of everything. Again. We’re always out of everything.”

I still remember how desperately I used to want to build a home store, instead of always being out of everything. I just didn’t know how to do that until I found Thrive Life foods.

Time to Build a Home Store

Some people call it a home store, some people call it stocking up, some people call it a home pantry. Whatever you call it, I have always wanted to keep enough food on hand to feed my family without feeling like we “never have anything to eat.” I tried freezer cooking, I tried meal planning, I tried a lot of things, but our shelves always seemed to be empty at the end of the week. And if I had an “emergency,” we tended to eat out, which blew our food budget and usually left us feeling pretty gross. I honestly didn’t know what to do, since I could only seem to keep baking basics and spices on hand. All of the produce, meat, and other perishable items I tried to stock up tended to spoil before I could use them, and I hated wasting money and throwing away food.

When I found Thrive Life, I was totally intrigued with the concept of freeze-dried groceries. Freeze-drying removes the moisture but leaves the same shape, unlike dehydrating, so this food can easily be refreshed and thrown into everyday recipes. Canning makes the food shelf-stable, which is super appealing. And these foods don’t take up space in the freezer either. Finally, I had found non-traditional non-perishables that could help me build my home store. I started experimenting right away, but now I am a total fan of Thrive Life foods, and my home store grows every month.

Thrive Life Foods: A Better Way

Thrive Life foods provide a plethora of products to build a robust home store. Some of my favorite foods to keep on hand are Thrive Life’s green onions, green chili peppers, and tomato powder. I also try to keep fresher than fresh, nutrient-dense foods like raspberries, asparagus, kale, mangoes, and red peppers on hand. And here is a full list of 10 foods I stopped throwing away by switching to Thrive Life.

Now that I have a growing home store, I’m not out of everything all the time. I can actually enjoy meal planning. My weekly shopping trips are much less stressful, and it’s easier to stay in my food budget. Plus, I know I’m feeding my family high quality foods and I even earn free groceries with Thrive Life every month by being a consultant.

Start Building Your Home Store Today

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To shop Thrive Life and start building your home store today, visit my consultant website. Thanks, and Happy Thriving!




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