Thrive Life Foods are Fresher than Fresh

Fresher Than Fresh

Have you ever had a chance to go strawberry picking? Have you grown a garden and sliced into a nice, juicy tomato you picked the same day? Have you gone to a farmer’s market and tasted fresh, local produce?

If you have, then you know what I mean when I say that typical grocery store produce just can’t compare in terms of taste or nutrition to vine-ripened fruits and vegetables.

In fact, I didn’t think there WAS anything that could compare to home-grown, home-preserved foods until I found Thrive Life.

So let me introduce you to my favorite flier from Thrive Life foods. And let’s talk a little bit about The Tale of Two Bananas:


I love, love, love that Thrive Life chooses vine-ripened fruits and vegetables, flash freezes them the same day they are picked, and then freeze-dries the food  to preserve seasonal flavors year-round. This is in stark contrast to the sad state of most grocery store produce.

I know I’m not the only one who has noticed that bananas are mostly green or brown at the grocery store these days. They don’t even try to hide the face that they have been picked early, transported long distances, and artificially ripened. So, you tell me, which process do you prefer? Freeze-drying, or “traditional” processing?

Natural Nutrition

I have spent a lot of time over the last several years researching the American food industry and I have been upset and disappointed in a lot of my findings.

I knew that the foods I was buying had very little of their natural nutrition in tact by the time I brought them home. I knew that the “only” way to preserve that natural nutrition was to grow it myself or buy from my local farmers. But I was overwhelmed by the high price tags at the farmer’s market and had limited success with growing my own garden. So I was super excited when I saw the back of this flier:


Finally, there was option for buying foods with the nutrients I was looking for, without the stress of relying on my own “green” thumb. Especially in the winter when my farmer’s markets shut down, I am super excited to invest in Thrive Life products and bask in the flavor and natural nutrition they offer!

A New Way to Shop for Fresh Foods

I am still very much a champion of gardening, farmer’s markets, and community-supported agriculture. I love finding ways to eat better and build a healthy home store. Thrive Life’s fresher than foods have given me the confidence to do this as part of my regular grocery shopping. And I love being a Thrive Life consultant so that I can earn these groceries quickly instead of waiting for my shoestring grocery budget to magically increase.

I hope that you will give Thrive Life foods a try today and enjoy their delicious, fresh flavors and natural nutrition.

To learn more about Thrive Life, check out my Thrive Life 101 page, visit my consultant website, or contact me. Thanks, and Happy Thriving!







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