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The Q is Thrive Life’s monthly groceries to your door program. Joining the Q simply means that you’re ready to shop consistently from Thrive Life, rather than just placing a 1-time order. As a Q customer, you can plan up to 3 months of shipments at a time, and you are in control of your budget and your orders. When you initially set up your Q, the only requirement is that you need to pick a budget and stick with it for 3 months. There are extra perks for  joining the Q with a $100 budget or more, which you can read about here.

The Q also qualifies you for special benefits if you want to share the Thrive Life love and host a Thrive Life event. These are just a few of the reasons to love the Q. Here are my favorite perks:

 The Q brings groceries to your door

Thrive Life is an online grocery store, so I don’t have to leave my house to shop. I can shop on my own schedule, which means I avoid buying food on an empty stomach, without a list, or when I just don’t care about my food budget. Plus, it’s like Christmas every time a box appears on my porch! It’s SO NICE to not have to pack up the kids and spend a lot of energy on grocery shopping.


The Q helps you build your home store

A home store is having foods in your pantry that won’t spoil quickly, and that you know your family will eat. With Thrive Life’s fresher than fresh foods on my shelves, I actually have extra food at the end of every month instead of throwing away a bunch of rotten meat and produce. And that helps me keep my food budget in check, even with a growing family.

The Q delivers delicious food

I think Thrive Life foods are delicious, and one of my absolute favorites parts of this job is watching people try Thrive Life for the first time. I’ve made believers out of some very hesitant prospects. In fact, I was scared to start Thrive Life because my husband hated freeze-dried food. But, he was quickly converted to the high quality, vine-ripened taste of these products, and couldn’t even tell when I used freeze-dried beef in dinner one night. And, of course, my little girl didn’t need much convincing; she’s always known that Thrive Life foods are delicious.

The Q puts you in a really good mood

Before I joined the Q, I was overwhelmed with feeding my family. I love cooking and eating, but just the daily task of feeding 5 different appetites multiple times a day was really burning me out. I can’t say that changed over night, but I trusted that Thrive Life could help me find joy in feeding people again. And I was right! It’s so much more feasible now for me to adapt meals for food allergies and picky-eating, and still have a ton of vegetables on my own plate. Each Q shipment puts me in a really good mood.


My mom always taught me that if I want to remember something, I should write a song about it.

Well, I want y’all to remember why I love the Q.  So here’s my song:

To start your Q today, visit my consultant website and click on “My Q.”  Feel free to contact me with any questions! Thanks, and Happy Thriving!






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