4 Great School Lunch Tips with Thrive Life

School lunches are an important part of feeding kids real food every day. I am excited to have a lot more healthy, real food options now that I keep Thrive Life foods in my pantry. I LOVE that Thrive Life foods have simple ingredient lists and the full flavor and nutrition of vine-ripened foods. Here are 4 great school lunch tips using Thrive Life foods.

1. Skip the squish: Pack freeze-dried Sides

I don’t know about your kids, but my son is a texture freak. He doesn’t like anything sticky, slimy, or liquidy in his lunchbox, and I don’t like to clean up after any of those foods either. With Thrive Life freeze-dried fruits, though, there’s no liquid mess to worry about. If you’re tired of cleaning up stray yogurt spills or soggy fruit remains, try freeze-dried fruit, yogurt, or vegetables!

2. Make Some Magic

Most of the time, prepping school lunches is anything but magical. But learning to refresh freeze-dried foods for an instant chicken salad can bring some magic into that morning rush. It’s so fun to see these foods come back to life in front of your eyes, even when you still want to be asleep. And you can try any number of flavor combinations for your chicken salad: honey dijon chicken salad, cranberry cashew chicken salad, or your latest Pinterest find.

3. Freeze-dried leftovers 

Whip up an Express meal, try a new dinner kit, or just incoporate freeze-dried ingredients into your current family favorites. There are plenty of easy ways to get a healthy meal on the table with Thrive Life, which will leave you plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day.  Snack foods are easy enough to figure out, but it’s hard to find a main dish for a lunch box. My friend Francesca had her husband make this for dinner, and I love that Thrive Life helps me feed my family real, non-GMO foods, not artificial junk.


4. Prep your pantry

There’s just no way around it; keeping your pantry prepped is the best tip out there. If you have foods on hand that you want your kids to be eating, it takes away a lot of stress from packing school lunches. Of course, I recommend starting your own Q with your personal favorites to round out your pantry staples and make packing school lunches a breeze.

If you’ve enjoyed these school lunch tips, start shopping today:

For more information on Thrive Life foods, please visit my Thrive Life 101 page, or contact me.

Thanks, and Happy Thriving!

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