Shelf-Stable Meal Staples with Thrive Life

One of my biggest challenges in feeding my family real, colorful meals used to be that I threw away so much food, it was exhausting.

I would often go to make dinner, only to find that a main ingredient was molding in the refrigerator, and I had to go back to the drawing board instead of sticking to a meal plan.

Or I would be excited to try a new recipe, only to find out that my experiment of the week had met its fate in the produce drawer, and I would toss it out with more good intentions and end up with fast food for dinner.

I felt like I was just throwing money in the trash, not to mention the guilt I felt from wasting food. But I couldn’t find a way to buy products that weren’t on their last leg, so to speak. Mushrooms would rot within 1-3 days; berries were hard to keep fresh. Celery and green onions rarely got used all the way up, and let’s not talk about manager’s specials on meat.

Then I found Thrive Life foods through an in-home party. Thrive Life foods is an online grocery store that sells a wide variety of freeze-dried products and other unique groceries for every day cooking. I was completely intrigued by this concept, and I jumped right in to try out some of these products.


I started by swapping out some of the foods I threw away most: celery, onions, mushrooms, and berries topped that list. Then, as I gained courage to try freeze-dried meats, I added things like chicken, sausage, and ground beef, although mostly for emergencies because they’re more expensive. And since my husband is lactose intolerant, it made sense for me to keep a pantry can of sour cream powder in my pantry, because I couldn’t go through regular sour cream fast enough before it went bad.

Slowly but surely, I have replaced a large portion of my meal staples with the Thrive Life freeze-dried or powdered equivalents. Now I LOVE having these products in my pantry. You can find more specific examples in my article 10 Things I stopped throwing away by switching to Thrive Life foods.

Keeping everything from mushrooms and tomato powder to chopped chicken and freeze-dried cilantro on hand has been a real game-changer for me. I still buy a lot of groceries at traditional grocery stores, but I’m finally building a home pantry and a home store that is super useful and helps me add nutrition and reduce stress.

Can you think of some foods that you throw away all the time? Maybe bell peppers, celery, or onions? Maybe bananas, apples, or berries? Maybe chicken, beef, or sausage?

What foods do you throw away most often? Would you like to try a shelf-stable version?

Comment below to let me know what shelf-stable meal staples you’re most interested in, or shop on my consultant website today. Thanks, and Happy Thriving!


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