5 Ways to Reduce Processed Foods with Thrive Life


I’ve been looking for ways to reduce processed foods for years, and Thrive Life has offered some of the most fun and unique solutions I have found so far. So today I want to share 5 ways to reduce processed foods with Thrive Life products.

Read your labels. Michael Pollan’s food philosophy has guided my health journey since I read his book, In Defense of Food. His motto is “Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly Plants.” And his biggest rule of thumb for determining if a product is real food or just a food-like substance is to read the ingredient label. Thankfully, Thrive Life is an online grocery store and they sell a ton of real food products with simple ingredient lists. By learning to read these labels you can choose better, less processed foods to stock your pantry with.


Swap your snacks.  Even when I seem to get breakfast, lunch, and dinner under control, it can be overwhelming to find non-processed snacks that I don’t have to make at home. Thrive Life has some great options, and I especially enjoy their carrot fruit crisps. It’s a freeze-dried fruit leather! And unlike most fruit snacks on the market, these ones are made with just pureed fruits and fruit juices. Along with their Snackies line, keeping a variety of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables on hand makes it easier for kids and adults alike to come up with no-mess, no-stress snacks.


Fall in love with freeze-dried.  Before I attended a Thrive Life home party, I had no idea that freeze-dried foods could taste good. Well, they not only taste good, they taste better than grocery store produce! Thrive Life foods are fresher than fresh and they offer natural, plant-based nutrition. Better yet, they ship these foods straight to your door! Adding freeze-dried foods to a well-stocked kitchen of other fresh, frozen, and canned items is a great way to reduce processed foods in your home. How is this a bad plan?


Meal prep with meals in a jar.  I’m not going to lie. Before Thrive Life, I thought meals in a jar were just a strange remnant of 80s cookbooks or variations on cocoa in a jar for quick neighbor gifts at Christmas time. I had no idea that these meals could be delicious, healthy, and a great alternative to freezer cooking, which has always intimidated me. But then I tried the Zuppa Toscana, the Lasagna Skillet, and the Unstuffed Pepper Soup.  And then I had a meals in a jar night with friends, and now I’m pretty hooked. Having meals on hand is a great way to reduce processed foods, customize your “fast” food, and fill your pantry with meals that are ready to heat and eat. img_3942

Waste not, want not.  I don’t know about you, but I HATE throwing away food. It makes me mad. EVERY time. And I am always looking for foods that won’t go bad before I can use them. Thrive Life foods give a new meaning to the word “non-perishable.” The vast majority of their foods have a 25-year shelf-life when stored properly, and once opened they last for up to a year. In my Thrive Life online grocery store, you can find a variety of freeze-dried proteins, produce, and starches, along with fun products like peanut flour, sour cream powder, scrambled egg mix, and tomato powder. I encourage you to experiment with more of these unique, shelf-stable items to cut down on food waste and say good-bye to cheap, processed junk.


To learn more about Thrive Life foods, check out my Thrive Life 101 page, visit my consultant website, or contact me. Thanks, and Happy Thriving!


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