How to Find Ingredient Lists for Thrive Life Products

If you are like me and are already in the habit of checking your ingredient lists before popping a food into your grocery cart, I’m excited to show you how to read ingredient lists for Thrive Life foods!

For anyone new to this company, Thrive Life foods is an online grocery store that sells a variety of healthy snacks, convenient, freeze-dried foods, and allergen-free ingredients for everyday cooking.

Now on to the fun stuff. Just head on over to my consultant site and find a product you’re interested in:

For this demonstration, I hovered over “Shop” then chose the “Fruits” category, scrolled down a bit and chose “Sweet Cherries.” (I clicked on the actual words “Sweet Cherries,” not the Quick Shop button).

Follow this process and you should see a product page like this for whatever item you choose.  Click on the “Product label” button:


And then the label will appear.  I circled where the ingredient list is:


Now, be aware that the image is small and can be hard to read. This one says INGREDIENTS: SWEET CHERRIES. If the image is too small or your computer pulls up a blurry image, I’m happy to e-mail you the ingredient list for specific products or help you over the phone. Just contact me if you need any help.

To find out more about Thrive Life foods, please check out my Thrive Life 101 page or visit my consultant website.   Thanks, and Happy Thriving!


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